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Supply Chain and Market - Marketplace & Competition

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Added by Andrei Borshchev

Application area: Supply Chains

Simulation method: Agent Based, System Dynamics

Supply Chain and Market

This is a model of a supply chain and sales of a new product in a consumer market in the absence of competition. The supply chain includes delivery of the raw product to the production facility, production, and the stock of the finished products. The QR inventory policy is used. Consumers are initially unaware of the product; advertizing and word of mouth drive the purchase decisions. The product has a limited lifetime and 100% of users will be willing to buy a new product replacing the old one.
We use discrete event methodology to model the supply chain, and system dynamics, namely, a slightly modified Bass diffusion model, to model the market. The two models are linked through the Sales event.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Supply Chains

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