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Robot for Golem Manufacturing - Manufacturing

2290 runs

Added by AnyLogic

Application area: Industrial Robotics

Simulation method: Agent Based, Discrete Event

Robot for Golem Manufacturing

In this model a robot is used to put raw golems in three different tanks in a certain order. A golem must spend in each tank a certain amount of time between a given minimum and maximum. If maximum time is exceeded, the golem gets overcooked and is disposed. Otherwise after the third tank the golem becomes alive and walks away.

The robot (which can also be considered as a crane) is implemented as an agent with four statecharts inside: three are responsible for the three degrees of freedom, and one is the higher level controller. The robot has two kinds of interface: API with functions like moveTo(), stop(), etc., and flowchart objects UseRobot that can be used in Enterprise Library flowcharts, like in this model.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Industrial Robotics

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