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maze - Pedestrian Dynamics


Maze gardens have been known in history of important cities and buildings as a place to enjoy  the view and have fun in nature, as well as  making some excercise and socialize with other people.
        This model represents this tradition with a simple maze garden, and several guests who travel from the lake to the house, through the maze. In order to do so, every pedestrian calculates the shortest path and goes through it. Have fun moving some red flower beds that block the best paths, making people recalculate their way home! This will delay people inside the maze, which will be reflected in the graph which shows people inside and outside the maze (if you are good on this, you'll be able to make clusters of disoriented pedestrians going through the maze!).
        To represent the pedestrians' behaviour, we used the Pedestrian Library. This way we diagram a really simple model, and the pedestrians make the rest of the work!
        We hope you enjoy the trip, and continue the tradition!

NOTE: the model takes a while to start, be patient!

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Leisure

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