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Adaptive Supply Chain - Supply Chains

Adaptive Supply Chain

The US-wide supply chain consists of part suppliers, producers, distributors and retailers. The stationary (s,S) inventory policy applies throughout the whole supply chain. You can change both the order point and the order up to level of any object. Suppliers, producers, and distributors maintain the shipping service with own vehicle fleet (the fleet size is yet another parameter you can change). Retailers and distributors keep and constantly update the quality of service (essentially, average delivery time over a certain period) of, respectively, distributors and producers. Once the QoS falls below the expected level, they start searching for alternative partners.

The consumers are modeled as agents, each agent represents 2000 people (so there are about 150,000 consumer agents in the model). Consumers are distributed geographically over the US territory.

Real-life problems of a similar kind can be solved using anyLogistix supply chain optimization software.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Supply Chains Management

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