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Serial Killers - Military & Defence

2691 runs

Added by AnyLogic

Application area: Defense

Simulation method: Agent Based

Serial Killers

In a highly dangerous district of the city criminals are walking in the streets looking for victims. A victim may be anyone from the non-criminal population who is within the "scanning radius" from the criminal, with a certain probability. Having chosen the victim, the criminal speeds up and starts following him. When the criminal gets as close to the victim as "killing distance", he is ready to murder the victim, but this only happens when there are no potential witnesses around within the "scanning radius". After the murder the killer stays with the victim for some time to enjoy what he has done and then walks away to look for a new victim. However, if the killer cannot find a good moment to kill the victim he gives up.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Defense

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