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Interconnected Call Centers - Business Processes

Interconnected Call Centers

Calls are made to each of the multiple interconnected regional call centers (the number is a parameter of the simulation). If no operator is available to answer the call, the call is placed in the queue. If the queue is full, the center attempts to route the call to another center. If there is another center that is able to take the call and there is a link to that center available, the call is transferred. Otherwise the call is discarded (balked). The original problem definition was taken fr om Extend™. However, this model is created in the spirit and style of AnyLogic: it is using multi-method approach wh ere a call center is an agent interconnected with other agents, and inside a call center a discrete event model of call processing is defined in the form of a process flowchart. Compared to the original model, this one is more detailed, is scalable (you can define any number of call centers) and highly interactive: you can view and modify any parameter of the whole system or an individual call center and link on the fly and watch the impact immediately.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Call center

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