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Product Delivery - Transportation & Logistics

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Added by Stepan Egorov

Application area: Logistics

Simulation method: Agent Based, System Dynamics, Discrete Event

Product Delivery

This model simulates product delivery in Europe. The supply chain includes three manufacturing facilities and fifteen distributors that order random amounts of the product each 1-2 days. There is a fleet of trucks in each manufacturing facility. When a manufacturing facility receives an order from a distributor, it checks the number of products in storage. If the required amount is available, it sends a loaded truck to the distributor. Otherwise, the order waits until the factory produces the sufficient number of products. This model is essentially multi-method. Distributors, trucks and manufacturing facilities are agents with custom behavior. The latter includes system dynamics diagram of production and a flowchart that simulates order processing. Agents live in a GIS space. Names of initial locations of manufacturing facilities and distributors are read from Excel file. GIS search engine is used to find locations on map and place agents there. Trucks move on real roads, and routes are created when vehicles start moving to destinations.

Real-life problems of a similar kind can be solved using anyLogistix supply chain optimization software.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Logistics

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