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Patient Provider Networks With New Test - Healthcare

Patient Provider Networks With New Test

Networks of 10,000 aged persons, 100 doctor providers and patients seeing doctors exist in a region with a disease whose incidence increases with age (like dementia).

A current test with specificity and sensitivity characteristics (slider selectable) is replaced by adopting a new test (button) with different test characteristics (also selectable) displayed on a ROC graph.

Population characteristics include number of aged persons, providers, initial disease prevalence  and visits per year.

Test adoption by the provider depends on influences from other providers and (optionally) from patients.

Patients can be untested or tested and Providers can be aware or unaware of the new test.

The simulation shows the spatial networks and disease states and statistics on test results and coverage, including the change in false positives and false negatives over time.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Epidemiology, Healthcare

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