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Cell Phone Users and Network Capacity - Marketplace & Competition

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Added by Andrei Borshchev

Application area: Network caoacity planning

Simulation method: Agent Based, Discrete Event

Cell Phone Users and Network Capacity

A cell telecom company is about to introduce a new value added service to its users, say, hi-speed internet access and is planning the network capacity.
Initially, all users are voice-only users. They may adopt hi-speed internet because of advertizing or because of word of mouth. Once they start using internet, they may be happy, or may get frustrated with long response times. While users are happy, they share their positive experience with others. If they are ustrated, they quit internet usage and begin to spread negative word of mouth, which may prevent voice-only users from adoption. But after a while frustrated users forget and forgive, and may consider using the service again.
The network is modeled as a simple multi-server system. Internet users periodically go online, generate transactions, and assess response times.
This is a multi-method model: the users are agents, and the network is modeled in discrete event style.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Network caoacity planning

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