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Evacuation - Pedestrian Dynamics

4542 runs

Added by Dmitrii Vrubel

Simulation method: Discrete Event


There is a two-story building in this model. On the first floor,of this 30 person office building, the workers work and socialize.  The restroom is also located on this floor.  Workers typical work day consists of eight hours.

On the second floor there is a cafeteria, where workers and outside customers have lunch.
(The number of outside customers usually depends what time of day it is–there will be during lunch than in the morning for breakfast)

There is only one stairway between the two floors and one or two exits from the first floor.

When the fire alarm is activated everyone in the building will go to one of the exits.  Some may not react immediately and keep working while others may freeze or panic.  Some may also want to get back to their tables before exiting the building.

The alarm will start at the specified time or by pressing the "Fire alarm" button in the simulation window.

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