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OR Department - Healthcare

80 runs

Added by Zuhair Badawi

Application area: Healthcare

Simulation method: Discrete Event

OR Department

Study completed by Zuhair Badawi and Jad Hajj


This model served as an aid in a study issuing the OR Department of a major hospital. The two main challenges were optimizing the number of nurses and surgeons functioning in the OR and reducing the delay that patients face during their journey in the different sections of the department as to improve their experience.


After thorough observation of the system was completed and data was collected, we used both statistical and face validation methods to validate the collected data. Once validated, this data was used to build the model, which helped in analyzing the system and finding recommendations to reduce the delay faced by patients.

Many recommendations were issued, that would result in an overall better experience for the patients in the OR department with reduced delay.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Healthcare

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