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Emergency Medical Service in Hanoi, Vietnam - Healthcare

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Added by rui soares

Application area: Logistics

Simulation method: Agent Based, Discrete Event

Emergency Medical Service in Hanoi, Vietnam

The challenge is to optimize the network of ambulance deployment stations in Hanoi. Simulation is the best approach to test different designs since it allows the input of random variables that are very real to the operations of this service.

The stations in the model are real Hospitals in Hanoi that were considered fit to have emergency vehicles waiting for help calls. Each has a resource pool (fleet) with limited capacity.
Victims are created randomly in the province and send a message to the nearest station requesting for help, they are sinked when an ambulance attends their request.

So far the ambulances return to their home station, since the stations are Hospitals this simulates getting the victmins to the Hospital.

This is the first version of this model. Developement is still ongoing. Further improvements will be added further to make it more accurate and collect statistics to evaluate the defferent solutions.

Feedback and tips are very much appreciated!


The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Logistics

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