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SIR Agent Based Networks - Healthcare

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Added by AnyLogic

Application area: Medicine

Simulation method: Agent Based

SIR Agent Based Networks

This agent based model of contagious disease diffusion allows you to explore the dynamics of diffusion in several types of social network: based on distance, random, scale free, small world, and ring lattice.  In the model each person has 3 possible states: Susceptible, Infectious and Recovered (SIR). Initially all but few people are susceptible, and few – infectious. A person can contact another person, and in case one is susceptible and another – infectious, the first may get infected with a certain probability. The links (and, therefore, contacts) between people are defined by the network type. You can set up the population and network parameters and perform simple simulation and Monte Carlo experiments.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Medicine

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