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Surgical case cart - Healthcare

756 runs

Added by Alvaro Gil

Application area: Hospital

Simulation method: Agent Based, Discrete Event

Surgical case cart

A case cart is a mobile standard repository where all the products for a surgical intervention are placed (see picture).
These products are instruments and medical supplies pre-defined according to specific lists per intervention (cardex) validated by nurses and surgeons.

Traditional hospitals keep all the products inside the operating rooms, in stocking rooms where nurses pick items according to the case and surgeon requests. Although flexible, this approach generates expensive handling costs and operational issues since the storage are usually handled by medical knowledge rather than logistic criteria (i.e. products are grouped by intervention mixing families and types, which facilitate the preparation for a single case but not for batches of surgeries).
In today's hospitals this vision is changing, moving toward more systematic approaches, combining the medical knowledge and engineering to design dedicated sterile storage areas configured to prepare batches of interventions in the case carts, reducing the total preparation time and the handling costs.

This simulation is a scenario analysis to validate the performance of an operating room given a fixed number of case carts. In the first screen, users can play with several configurations of surgical profiles (operating theaters, specialties, dedicated rooms, etc.) to support their design process.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Hospital

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