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Strategic Workforce Planning - Business Processes

Strategic Workforce Planning

This model shows the evolution of the workforce at the company's Global System, considering different
policy scenarios for hiring, termination, promotion, rotation and resignation. It also allows the
implementation of HR interventions such as International Movements along different regions.

The model allows the visualization and analysis at different aggregation levels including:  
- Global level: by region, hierarchical level and function.
- Regional level: by hierarchical level and function.
This gives the user the possibility to follow the evolution of the workforce and then estimate the
population structure of the Company.

Questions that could be answered with the model:
- What will be the workforce distribution along the system in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years ahead? How many
people will be at each region, hierarchical level or function?
- How can I influence my system to achieve a certain workforce structure target?
- Do I need more hirings? Will terminations be required?
- Which is the optimal way to get to the target population?
- Which are the emerging flow rates of the system after the interventions?

The model also includes a "Data Analysis" section that shows the system's status information
graphically, and helps in the understanding of the data's cross-analysis and evolution.
Additionally, the full version simulation model includes the export module, transfering the information
to an excel file.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Human Resources

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