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Generic Agent Based Population Model - Healthcare

1356 runs

Added by Andrei Borshchev

Application area: Epidemiology, Healthcare, Marketing, Social sciences

Simulation method: Agent Based

Generic Agent Based Population Model

This is the first model in a sequence of three - the Generic Agent Based Population Model with births and deaths. While within her reproductive age, each female gives birth to a baby at a certain fertility rate (the time to next pregnancy is exponentially distributed and does not depend on the number of kids in the family). The reproductive age boundaries as well as the fertiity rate are top level parameters.  Males and females have different life expectancy distributions defined using the Custom distribution object; the function lifeExpectancy in the Person agent implements a simple covariate distribution where life expectancy depends on sex. People are animated as dots in a rectangular area, the size of a dot is proportional to the person's age. Children are placed near their mother, however, the location of a person does not impact the behavior. Link objects are used to show mother-child relations. The agent type Person is designed as a reusable base type, which you can extend by creating subtypes (subclasses). This model includes a population pyramid chart that is implemented as a separate agent and can be reused in other models. You can select an age interval by clicking it and view the number of males and females in that interval. The size of intervals in the pyramid can be changed dynamically.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Epidemiology, Healthcare, Marketing, Social sciences

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