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Andrei Andrei Borshchev
Models uploaded: 30
Total runs: 55743
Average rating: 2.3
Continente Continente Siete
Models uploaded: 28
Total runs: 41995
Average rating: 4.07
Amalgama Amalgama
Models uploaded: 9
Total runs: 27732
Average rating: 3.11
Yuriy Yuriy Podvalny
Models uploaded: 4
Total runs: 24394
Average rating: 10.25
Victor Victor Gleim
Models uploaded: 2
Total runs: 21293
Average rating: 1.5
Dmitrii Dmitrii Vrubel
Models uploaded: 4
Total runs: 19759
Average rating: 9.25
Maria Maria Korobeynikova
Models uploaded: 2
Total runs: 15188
Average rating: 29
Denes Denes Csala
Models uploaded: 6
Total runs: 12045
Average rating: 17.5
Alvaro Alvaro Gil
Models uploaded: 12
Total runs: 10244
Average rating: 1.83
Pavel Pavel Lebedev
Models uploaded: 4
Total runs: 9771
Average rating: 3
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